Monday, February 26, 2007

The Cheese Monkey and The Shoemaker Sheep

Saudações, aventureiros!

(só eu acho isso extremamente brega?)

Sexta-feira, minutos antes de entrar na sala de cirurgia (desvio de septo, nada de mais) escrevi uma bobagenzinha em inglês. Um poema meio nonsense "neilgaimanlike". Please, descontem os erros ok?

The Cheese Monkey and The Shoemaker Sheep

There was a Cheese Monkey
And once he was there doing absolutely nothing
He decided to take a candy rocket
And fly to the Moon to buy a new pair of shoes
From the Shoemaker Sheep

So he got there

But he suddenly noticed he had spent all his cheese money
On his candy rocket ticket
So he tried to steal the shoes instead
But the sheep saw his evil deed

- Rat!!! – shouted the Shoemaker Sheep

And as the Cheese Rat he had turned into
He ate himself whole
And died with his belly full.

The End



1 comment:

Garrell said...

There was a guy...

And under waterguy who controlled all the sea...

Got killed by ten million pounds of sludge...from New York and New Jersey

This monkey's gone to heaven